Our Services

We understand our success is contingent to that of our clients’ and thus focus on long-term solutions and innovations through our service.

In-House Production, Development & Design

We distinguish ourselves by our team of experienced designers in NYC, that work in tandem with research analysts to ensure we are innovative and ahead of the market for our designs and final product.

Branding, Marketing & Sales Strategy

We assist in establishing private labels, proprietary brands & collaborate into licensed products. Our dedicated team works hard to understand the end-user and implement marketing strategies to inflict sales.

Data Analysis & Forecasting

We provide the following analysis to our clientele:

Descriptive Analysis: Providing insight on our past and current performance and identifying drawbacks.

Predictive Analysis: Forecasting demand and recommending solutions to capitalize on opportunity.

Prescriptive Analysis: Optimizing effects of future decisions before they are carried out.

Lab & Quality Assurance Compliance

We have successfully built strong connections with the world’s most reputable labs to ensure that our compliance standards meet or exceed those set by our clients.

E-commerce / Drop-Ship Expertise & Capability

We assist our customers by providing drop-ship capabilities along with a dedicated support team of e-commerce specialists to enhance sales exposure for clientele.

Post Purchase Services

Our post-purchase service is directed towards understanding the customer’s changing needs as their company grows and evolves. Our proactive customer support team provides real-time assistance to our customers around the clock.

Our Products

Our team upholds immense integrity, care and thought in the product we present to our customers;
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