Our Process

Aneri Jewels takes great pride in its value chain situated globally to deliver remarkable products and service.

Market Research

Aneri Jewels’ process begins with a thorough analysis of the market environment, detecting any forecasted fluctuations, buying patterns and current trends in fashion.

Our team of research specialists assemble a portfolio curated for every customer, where we wish to better understand and meet our customer’s expectations.


Addressing key findings in our market research, a strategy is formed.

Our aim is to ensure our production line provides unique products that strengthen our customer’s brand along with providing key insights on forecasted sales.

Design & Development

Our In-House Design Team in New York works closely with our customers.

We take great pride in our large team of jewelry design professionals, who are constantly providing innovative designs with the guidance of our research specialists, production development experts and supply chain managers

Diamond Sourcing

Affiliated with Laxmi Diamond, leading pioneers with a 50 year legacy in the diamond manufacturing industry. Aneri Jewels has a direct and constant supply of ethically sourced diamonds for our jewelry.

Our large team of assorters provide assurance in meeting the requirements specified by our customers.

Jewelry Manufacturing

Quality Assurance

We ensure that the final product adheres to the quality specifications and meets the requirements of the customer. Aneri Jewels performs multiple QC controls throughout the supply chain to minimize any unexpected delays and increase efficiency.

Our diverse team of QC specialists in New York ensure every product has a final grading against stringent non-biased standards.

Explore the extensive services we provide in enhancing our customer’s sales strategy:

Our Services

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